Ricoh GR II - Window Shopping

Ricoh GR II, f/4, iso640, 1/40th

I was strolling the streets of Old Town Temecula again recently with the Ricoh GR II in hand. This handbag was inside a glass display. The shot was taken through a window, handheld. The Ricoh GR II has to be about the best camera ever made - for the price. This shot required no more than my usual 60 second workflow in Lightroom. No trip to Photoshop required. Look at the rich and true natural colors, the detail, especially for a handheld shot through glass at night. I have (and have had) significantly more expense camera bodies and lenses. I doubt I could have achieved any better result pulling out any of the 'big' gear. To see more street photos from Old Town Temecula, click here.