Ricoh GR II - Great Colors

Ricoh GR II, f4, iso100, 1/80 sec

Ricoh GR II, f8, iso2000, 1/30 sec

One of my favorite cameras is the Ricoh GR II. It is the perfect example of the best camera you have is the one you have with you. Yes, I know, everyone in the world - at least the first world - has a smartphone with a camera. I have one. It's one of those that starts with an 'i'. It's not a bad camera. I'm just too old to be using my cell phone as a camera. 

The Ricoh GR is about the same length and width as my phone that starts with an 'i'. But it's a little thicker. That's ok, because it still fits in a shirt or jacket pocket, has an APS-C 16mp sensor, a fixed, gorgeous 28mm wide angle f2.8 lens and quite frankly makes some of the best images I've ever seen. Believe me, I've spent way more money on all kinds of mainstream gear - and I still have most of that gear. But the Ricoh GR literally goes out the door with me every day, unless I'm going out to shoot something specific for assignment or to get paid so I can put some food on the table. Ok, to put some food on the table or buy some more camera gear. Even then, the GR goes with me.

It is arguably the best camera in its class, or nearly any class, for the $. 

On this site, in the gallery 'Seattle', are images all taken over a few days 100% with the Ricoh GR II, handheld in natural light.

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